Everyone needs to watch this once…

This beautifully shot but harrowing film opens your eyes to the madness of our addiction to plastic. It’s time to take action and to stop using so much plastic crap! Please watch this…



Crossroads: Labour Pains of a New Worldview

This is an amazing film. If you haven’t watched it, I urge you to. It talks about the transition we need to make to change the consciousness of Humanity away from our obsession with accumulating stuff and disregarding the impact that has on the environment and other people…. we all need to work towards this new awareness if we want to survive. Humanity is most definitely at a Crossroads. Watch the Movie


This film has some good food for thought… I am especially excited by the ideas on free energy, what a different world it could be if that was possible! If you want to see something from a totally unique perspective then this is worth watching, a bit American and cheesy in its production, but the message is a powerful one

Grow your own!



In the current economic climate, with rising food prices, it is important to consider the issue of food production and its social and environmental impacts. When the purse strings are being tightened it is easy to turn to cheaper and less sustainable food as a way of saving money, but this short-term view is having a long-term detrimental impact on the future of our planet.

Modern methods of food production are hugely dependent on fossil fuel inputs. Oil-based fertilisers and pesticides are used to grow the crops, and fossil fuels are used to run the farm machinery and transport the produce. In fact, the whole process of putting food on our plates consumes more energy than it actually produces. If and when oil prices rise again (which they inevitably will) we will need to find alternative ways of producing and transporting food that will feed the world and its population without relying on a dwindling and polluting resource.

So what is the answer? Well, growing your own fruit and vegetables organically is a good starting point. Even if you live in a city you can look into getting an allotment or even use window boxes to grow a useful amount of food – it can be valuable both in terms of the quality and nutrition of the food you grow as well as the money you save. Oh… and it’s fun!

If you want to take this a step further then permaculture is an ecologically sound approach to food production where the biodiversity of a natural ecosystem is coupled with intelligent design to increase yields, and reduce maintenance so that you can work with nature to get the best results and reduce waste in your garden. Patrick Whitefield runs courses on how to put these principles into practice www.patrickwhitefield.co.uk

If you simply don’t have the time or the space to get started with gardening then at least consider the impact of your food-buying decisions where possible. Try to buy organic and locally produced food if it is available to you. Even if it costs a bit more – remember you are investing in the future!

Zeitgeist – The Movie

Just been watching this eye-opening movie, from 2007 – yes we are about as up to date with our film watching as we are with blogging!!

It is time to start making some changes to the way we see the world… to seek out the truth and live better! If you haven’t seen this it is definitely worth a view